The Core Creations

Black Teacher Project

The Black Teacher Project recruits, develops and sustains Black teachers for schools in the United States. Our goal is to create an effective teaching force that reflects the diversity of Black people in this country. Our premise is that Black educators offer indispensable insights into the lived realities of navigating schooling institutions, as well as into the social structures of the United States. Therefore, every young person, regardless of racial or ethnic identity, can benefit from the influence of highly effective Black teachers in their life. Our vision is that all children will have access to a well-trained, well-supported, Black teaching force.

To achieve this vision, the BTP (1) develops specific recruitment strategies for future Black teachers, (2) develops data driven supports for Black teachers to sustain themselves personally and professionally, and (3) conducts research on Black teacher health and sustainability.

Founded in 2015, The Black Teacher Project has gathered teachers in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area to discuss the experiences and needs of Black teachers. The BTP has partnered with Teaching Residents at Teachers College, Columbia University to recruit Black teachers into their innovative program building a strong teaching force for New York City. The project has also partnered with Institute for Urban Minority Education at Teachers College, Columbia University as well as University of California San Diego to conduct research about the current conditions, health and wellness of Black teachers. The Black Teacher Project is also supporting San Francisco Unified School District and the city of Oakland in retaining their Black teacher force.