The Core Creations

Cori Pillows

Healer/ Reiki Practicioner

I am a visual artist who paints iconic images of historical leaders who inspire me to affect change. I paint images that provoke thought about political and social justice issues as well as imagery representing self-love and self-determination. My work varies in mediums from charcoal and acrylics to digital mixed media. I create from a place of great inspiration, which includes nature, history, family, love, loss, pain, struggle, social justice, and so much more. I am always seeking to reflect positive powerful images of my community in an attempt to remind us how amazing we all are. I find that the fun is in the journey of creating the art piece and the outcome is simply icing on the cake.

I recently traveled to and spent several months in a magical place called Puerto Lopez, Ecuador Manabei Province. My personal path led me there in search of healing PTSD from life. I was seeking a greater understanding of life, love and the reason I make art. Living in an capitalistic economy in the US, paying the bills became a priority for creating. Ultimately, I was finding that my passion was turning into “the plantation” and I was quickly straying away from what I gained most from the activity: healing.

Under the guidance of Dr. G. Love and Soul Shifting Community, I began to find a greater purpose for my art and why I create. Of course, there are many reasons to make art but what drives me is the connectivity and therapy of art. For me, simply mixing paint is meditative and relaxing. Along the way I applied my newly found spiritual awareness to the intention of my work. What evolved was beautiful and  included a process that encouraged me to focus on my intuition, desires, and intention to create a piece. I like to think of it as a painterly vision board.

When I discovered my ability to offer healing through art, I wanted to find a way to not only maintain a successful business but to gift this Art of Healing to my community. And so, Art & Soul Paint Parties was born. Participants in these events can expect to experience a fun, uplifting, art-making experience at an affordable rate. My goal is to bring an element of self-awareness to your self-expression giving you the opportunity to explore your greatest potential driven by your intuition, some instructor guidance, and a lot of fun!


Check out more information here about how you can host a Art & Soul Paint Party event.

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